What is the internet doing to Leslie Jones!

You would think Leslie Jones’ name is all over the internet only because of her hilariously epic recaps of the Rio Olympics but no, humanity fails us again. As of right now, U.S Homeland Security is investigating a hack that occurred on Leslie’s website. Her personal information (driver’s license, passport ID) and nude pictures from her iCloud were divulged for the world to see.

Leslie Jones has been around for quite some time now. She gained popularity back in 2014 when she started her debut on SNL, after a year of being a writer for the show. Skip to two years, she was cast in the Ghostbusters reboot film. The movie stirred up quite the hate by male fans who felt as if they were being castrated because their childhood favorite was being redone with a leading cast of women but that’s a whole other conversation that has been taken care of. See here and here and here. There was one woman amongst the four leads that got double the hate. Yep, you guessed it; the only black woman – Leslie Jones. In July, she announced that was leaving Twitter due to the unbearable vitriol comments she was receiving on a daily basis. However, she quickly changed her mind as the Olympics started and gifted us with some funny videos. We all enjoyed it so much that it did not go unnoticed. NBC flew her to Rio to continue exactly what she was doing but with a better view, of course. It didn’t take long low-life assholes of the internet to return. This time, worse than ever.

What more can you do when you can’t break a woman with just words. You attack who they are, you make them feel unsafe, you sexually expose them. Her government issued IDs and pictures of her naked body were exhibited. Some of you will say that this has nothing to with race and that this is just another similar case of what happened to Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, etc. No, that was done because some fucker thought it would be cool to be the guy that gave other dumbasses the opportunity to jerk off to illegally obtained pictures. This was an elevated form of hate.

So, what is it about this comedian that gets these sorry excuses for humans all riled up? Lainey Gossip wrote a fantastic piece about this that should get people thinking. She says “Maybe, in being herself, and earning the admiration of so many, she broke the rule, the rule that says that a black woman who won’t conform can’t be popular and successful while being proud and outspoken. And the assholes who uphold that rule, who cling to the existence of that rule because otherwise the system that unfairly favours them would start to crumble, had to punish her for it. They tried to humiliate her for it. They wanted to humiliate her for having the audacity to aspire to more. How dare she create opportunities for herself? How dare she want more than what’s been institutionally limited to her?”. I’ll leave it at this.


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