Don’t we often find ourselves immersed in the comment section at the end of many news articles? Welcome to a website created by someone (me, duh) that would rather write a whole post instead of a quick quip. A performing arts student looking to let her mind wander into the giant world of internet (I heard this is where all the cool kids hang out!).

With so many different topics being thrown at us day to day, we all have our own opinions concerning them. Fearful that someone comes after me for giving my unsolicited two cents, I’d rather create a space that allows me (and hopefully others) to talk about everything that flows through my cerebrum.

So, welcome to Messy Thoughts. A spot where I kick back, unwind and unpack every damn thing my brain has been storing. Whether it’s about current events, personal experience, lifestyle or even about how much I hate sound words (I can’t fucking wait for “nom nom nom” to die), I hope you sit back and relate to my shit talk.